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New World: Can you respec Territory Standing?


Territory Standing is a level up system that allows you to build up your territory’s reputation and unlock various perks. Just as you work on leveling up your character or weapons, you can also level up your territory. You do that by completing quests, defeating enemies, and crafting while in the region.

New World lets you respec your character, so many players are wondering if they can respec their Territory Standing as well. Let’s find out!

Can I respec Territory Standing in New World?

New World doesn’t allow you to respec Territory Standing bonuses. The upgrades that you unl0ck are permanent, you can’t reset them. This limitation can indeed become a major downside when switching to a different strategy.

For example, many gamers realized how bad it is to not be able to respec Territory Standing when they are short 1600 weight capacity in each city because they skipped the storage cards.

Use different territories for different upgrades

The best strategy is to use different territories for unlocking different upgrades and bonuses. Don’t focus on the same thing in every territory.

For example, you can use the territory you tend not to stay in that much as your levelling territory. Then you can speed through the lower levels with your XP gain. You can also return to specific regions where you prefer to gather resources, or craft items.

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New World could support Territory Standing respec in the future

Many players asked Amazon Games to add the option to reset Territory Standing points. One of the community managers confirmed they shared the request with the dev team.

This is good feedback, will share with the team the request that players be able to reset territory standing points.

Players are willing to use azoth, gold, or even both to be able to reset territory perks.

I would also love for a territory perks reset. Much like talent trees work. At the cost of azoth, gold, or both!

What do you think about this current game limitation? Do you think Amazon Games will change the game mechanics to add the option to reset Territory Standing points? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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