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Can you buy Azoth in New World?


Azoth is a very important resource in New World that serves as currency. You can use it to fast travel, craft powerful gear, respec your weapon’s Mastery tree, and much more. It’s worth mentioning that Azoth is the main source of supernatural powers in the game.

Many players are wondering if it’s possible to purchase Azoth in New World. Let’s find out!

Can I buy Azoth in New World?

You cannot buy Azoth in New World. This option is not available in the game. The quickest way to get more Azoth is by completing the main quests. You can also craft Iron tools to unlock the Azoth Extraction perk, and occasionally collect Azoth dropped by enemies that are level 20 or higher.

How do you get Azoth in the New World?

Method 1 – Complete the storyline quests

All the quests following the “Commitment to the Cause” quest will give you Azoth regularly as a quest reward. Simply follow the game’s main storyline, complete the quests, and the game will reward your efforts with Azoth.

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Method 2 – Unlock the Azoth Extraction perk

Start crafting Iron tools and you should be able to unlock the Azoth Extraction perk after a while. Think of this perk as your constant Azoth mining tool. You won’t get large quantities of Azoth, the flow is slow but constant.

The catch is that unlocking this perk is not guaranteed. Basically, it’s a lottery. Cross your fingers when crafting and don’t give up. Be persistent, and after many, many attempts, you will eventually get this handy perk.

Method 3 – Collect Azoth dropped by high-level players

Players that are level 20 or higher may occasionally drop Azoth that you can then collect. Additionally, some enemies may also drop tools that have the Azoth Extraction perk. These are pretty rare events. But you can collect and use the respective tools to net more Azoth.

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While you can’t buy Azoth in New World, you can complete the main quests to earn Azoth rewards. Additionally, you can also craft Iron tools and hope to unlock the Azoth Extraction perk. High-level enemies may occasionally drop Azoth and tools equipped with the Azoth Extraction perk.

What’s your favorite method to get more Azoth in New World? Let me know in the comments below.

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