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Why can’t I change factions in New World?


Many New World players complained they can’t change factions. For example, they can’t access the option, the Change faction button is not responding, or nothing happens when they select a new faction. Let’s explore what’s preventing you from switching factions.

New World changing factions is not working

You need to reach Level 10

To be able to change factions, you need to reach Level 10. The “Change faction” option is not available for players below Level 10. Complete more quests to gain more experience and level up faster.

By the way, you also need to pay 100 azoth to switch to a different faction. If you don’t have 100 azoth, the option won’t be available.

You can’t join the dominant faction

New World doesn’t let you switch to the faction that controls the majority of the territory. If you really want to join that faction, you need to wait until they collect more land.

The game blocks you from joining the dominant faction in order to prevent server imbalance.

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The 120-day lockout is still on

After switching to a different faction, you’ll enter a 120-day lockout from changing faction again. In other words, you need to wait for 120 days until you can change factions again.

The servers are overloaded or down

If New World’s servers are overloaded or even down, you won’t be able to switch to a different faction. Restart your computer and router, and try again later.

Go to your character’s Bio page, locate the faction banner, and select the Change faction button. Select the new faction you want to join.

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Disadvantages to changing factions

Keep in mind that changing faction comes with a lot of drawbacks. You’ll lose your faction rank and badges which will negatively affect progression on titles and gear. You’ll also need to re-do PvP quests.

As you can see, New World is designed to prevent one faction from immediately dominating the server.

What’s your favorite faction in New World? Which faction did you join when you first started playing the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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