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Fix: Fast travel is not working in New World


Many New World players complained about not being able to fast travel. When they click the fast travel option, an error pops up saying that Fast Travel Failed. Sometimes, when players go to the shrine to travel, the game says they need to be at the shrine, which they are. It’s as if New World is unable to detect players’ location.

Let’s explore why this issue occurs and how you can fix it.

What to do if Fast Travel is not working in New World

Run the Unstuck command and store your items

  • Use the /Unstuck command. If the game thinks you’re somewhere else, running the /Unstuck command should fix the problem.
  • Store all of your stuff. Try storing all of your items and check if you can fast travel. Many gamers confirmed that once they became lighter, they could fast travel without any problems.
  • Check your Azoth level. Make sure you have enough Azoth for fast travelling.

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Launch New World from the SteamApps folder

  1. Close New World, and exit Steam completely. Make sure Steam is not running in the background.
  2. Then launch the New World launcher from the SteamApps folder with admin rights.
  3. You should get an error that says you need to launch the game from Steam.
  4. Do that, restart New World from Steam and check if you can fast travel.

Log off for five minutes

  1. Log out of your account and wait for five minutes.
  2. This should reset your connection to New World’s servers.
  3. Meanwhile, you can also restart your router.
  4. After five minutes, log back in to your account, launch the game and check if you can fast travel.

Did these solutions help you fix the problem? Did you find other ways to fix the fast travel glitch? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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