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How to change servers in New World


Remember the days when you had to wait for hours on end to join New World’s servers? Fortunately, those days are gone. Amazon Games has since added more servers that reduced queue times. The company also increased the population cap.

Did you know that you can connect to a different New World server? That’s an option worth considering if you’re not happy with the performance of the server you’re on.

How to switch to a different New World server

  1. Leave your current company.
  2. Close all active Trading Post sell or buy orders.
  3. Go inside a settlement.
  4. Press the ESC key and go to the New World Store.
  5. Select the Server Transfer option.
  6. Claim the Server Transfer token.
  7. Use the token to switch to a different server.

Every player will get one Server Transfer Token per account. Each transfer requires a transfer token.

Rest assured, after the server transfer is complete, you’ll keep all character progression including your current level, titles, weapon mastery, and so on. You’ll also keep your Faction alliance and progress, inventory and storage items, house and decorations, as well as currency and quest progress.

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Server transfer limitations

There’s also a series of limitations when it comes to server transfer. You can’t move your character to a world in maintenance. The same is valid if the world is already full.

If you already have a character is a world, you can’t move a second character into it. This is because you can only have one character per world set. You cannot have two characters in the same world.

Your Company membership won’t carry over, it needs to be terminated before transferring. The same goes for active Trading Post sell orders and buy orders.

Keep in mind that your friends list is world specific and won’t carry over to the new server.

Transfers between regions is not supported

You can’t transfer from region to region. Transfers are only available within your region. Each New World region has its own database. Transferring character-related data between regions is not supported.

In other words, you can’t transfer from US East to US West, or the other way around.

Got a question? Contact New World Support on Twitter.

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