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Do you lose your items when you die in New World?


If you’re new to New World and you’re wondering what happens to your items when you die, read below to find out more!

Do New World players lose their items when they die?

You won’t lose your items and experience points when you die in New World. You get to keep all of the items in your inventory when respawning. However, your equipment’s durability and value will decrease every time you die.

All of your items, except your harvesting tools will lose 10 percent of their durability when dying to mobs (PvE) and 5 percent when dying to players (PvP).

The main problem is that your equipment’s value also drops when your items lose their durability. As a result, you won’t be able to sell your items at a trading post. As a quick reminder, you can only sell full durability items. The only option you have left is to repair your items before selling them.

There are three possible respawn points in New World: your last camp, your house at the nearest settlement or the registered inn.

As you can see, different things happen when you die to mobs or players.

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What happens when you die in New World?

Dying to mobs (PvE)

If you die to a creature or any other PvE (Player vs Environment) element, your equipment will lose a tenth of its durability. That’s why you should not carry around too many weapons if you’re not using them. Put the extra gear and weapons into storage or sell your items at the Trading Posts.

Dying to players (PvP)

After joining one of the three factions, you can enable PvP and fight other players in open-world PvP battles. If you die while fighting other players, your weapons and gear will lose 5 percent of their durability.

The good news is that you won’t lose any experience when dying to PvP. As a quick reminder, in many other MMORP games out there, you’ll lose experience points when you die. That makes it more difficult to level up.

And now you know.

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