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Can you dual wield in New World?


New World features a plethora of interesting weapons. The good news is that Amazon Games will add many more new weapons, and features to the game in the coming months. But many players feel that something’s missing from the game.

Does New World support dual wielding?

New World doesn’t support dual-wielding. You can’t dual wield one-handed weapons such as swords and hatchets. You can’t dual wield smaller weapons such as daggers either. But you can use the good old sword and shield combo for PvP action.

Many New World players already asked Amazon Games to add Viking style sword and hatchet dual wielding to the game. They said that not being able to dual wield one-handed weapons makes the game feel quite incomplete. For example, being able to use two hatchets would make the berserker-talent tree much more appealing.

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Players don’t even have any fancy requirements. They clearly said they would be happy with just a cosmetic weapon on the off hand. They just want to see their character holding a duplicate weapon in both hands. In this manner, there would be no need for Amazon Games to work on balance, or add anything else but new animations for dual wielding.

Of course, having a dedicated dual wield tree would be perfect. As a matter of fact, the devs could balance everything much easier if the dual wield weapon item is actually two weapons for the same slot.

Amazon has yet to confirm if they’re planning to implement a generic dual-wield weapon talent-tree or not.

Dual wielding with hatchets in New World

Many players said that hatchets would have been excellent dual wield weapons.

I think the hatchet should have been dual wield. Doesn’t have to be separate hatchets, could just have the hatchet be a hatchet set with one set of stats. Either that or nerf the stats and gems used on them so you can’t double up.

As a quick reminder, the hatchet is a one-handed weapon. You cannot dual-wield with it or use a shield at the same time.

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Why dual wielding is impractical

Keep in mind that very few weapons can be dual wielded successfully. Players often use the second weapon to parry and rarely to attack.

That’s why many players prefer the sword and shield combo for PvP action. You can use the shield to block incoming attacks and deal hard damage with your sword.

A shield used at the right moment can keep you alive. Using two defensive weapons, such as two daggers at the same time, means you’re very vulnerable to incoming attacks. You can’t actually use one of the daggers to parry.

On the other hand, if you’re using a heavier weapon such as an axe or hatchet, you need both hands to use it. Heavy weapons also allow you to deal more damage.

But in the end, what kind of weapons you use depends on your personal style.

Do you think Amazon Games will add dual-wielding support for all one-handed weapons? Comment down below.

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