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Battlefield 2042: Meet Specialist Webster Mackay


Webster Mackay is one of the three Assault Specialists featured in Battlefield 2042. If you have an aggressive play style, Mackay is one of your best choices.

Specialist Webster Mackay

  • Birthplace: Canada
  • Class: Assault
  • Specialty: Grappling Hook
  • Trait: Nimble

Mackay joined the Canadian military in his teens and later joined the counter-terrorism unit. He’s an ass-kicker. He retired from the military to live off the grid. However, he joined the No-Pat as a means to repent for the mistakes of the past.

What’s unique about Webster Mackay

If you like being in the middle of the action, then you should definitely play as Mackay. This Specialist has an aggressive style and is able to take out enemies in the split of a second.

The Grappling Hook is unique to Mackay and he uses it to pulls himself to the place where the hook lands. No other specialist can use this tool. Thanks to the Nimble trait, Mackay can move faster than other Specialists when aiming down his weapon’s sights.

If you’re planning to attack enemy positions and dangerous objectives,  Mackay is the right Specialist for the job.

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How to play as Webster Mackay

Makes use of the Grappling Hook

Use the Grappling Hook to quickly get to higher ground. You can use the hook to quickly jump over obstacles as well. Do take advantage of this tool. Other specialists need to use ziplines to get to higher ground but they’re not always available. Once you reached higher ground, you can use a sniper rifle to take out enemies.

You can also use the Grappling Hook to pull enemies out of their vehicles and kill them.

Attack, attack, attack

Thanks to his Grappling Hook and Nimble trait, Mackay can successfully attack and clear enemy positions. You can fire at enemies without any problems while using the Nimble. Use the extra-speed the Nimble gives you to quickly move on the battlefield, and make it very difficult for enemies to hit you multiple times.

Mackay is an assault soldier, so select close-to-mid range weapons. That’s where Mackay excels. Use Assault Rifles to attack enemies and grab an Armor Plate for 20 percent extra health.

If you’re into close combat situations, grab an SMG. If your team is under attack, you can use the Grappling Hook to get to higher ground and then use a Sniper Rifle to defend your team’s position. Don’t forget to get an Ammo Crate gadget as well. You don’t want to run out of ammo. Get a Recoilless M5 Launcher to target and blow up vehicles as well.

A lot of people will play as Mackay

Mackay is the perfect assault soldier: he’s aggressive, and can quickly move on the battlefield. As already seen in Early Access, many gamers are going to pick Mackay thanks to its excellent assault abilities.

If you prefer support roles, you should play as Maria Falck or Constantin Anghel. They can heal and revive their teammates.

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