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Battlefield 2042: How to heal and revive teammates


Getting shot in Battlefield 2042 is not the end of the world. If you don’t take full damage, you’ll start to auto-heal after a few seconds. To speed up the process, you can use medical crates or ask Specialist Maria Falck to use her syrette pistol to heal you.

Let’s explore how you can quickly self-heal or heal wounded teammates in Battlefield 2042.

How to self heal in Battlefield 2042

Once you’ve taken damage, get out of the line of fire, go to a safe spot, and you’ll begin to heal after a few seconds. You’ll get back to full health in a matter of minutes. However, if you take damage while self healing, the delay timer starts all over. Heal at a safe spot to avoid further damage.

If you’re playing as Specialist Maria Falck, you can use the syrette pistol to heal yourself.

How to heal and revive your teammates in Battlefield 2042

Use medical crates to heal injured allies

You can also use healing gadgets to heal wounded teammates. Specialist Constantin Anghel can throw medical crates on the ground. Injured teammates can then move close to the medical crate and use it to regain HP.

Keep in mind there’s a cooldown period after healing takes place. This means that you can use another medical crate immediately. Try to avoid further damage during the healing period, otherwise the healing delay timer resets.

Use the defibrillator

All Battlefield 2042 players are equipped with a defibrillator. Use it to revive injured teammates and give them partial health. Keep in mind that paddles take about two seconds to charge. To use the defibrillator, simply press and hold the E key on PC, the X button on  your Xbox console, or the square button on PS4 and PS5.

Use drones to deploy med kits remotely

Land your drone, put a medical create on top of it and fly it near the players you want to heal. Any player that comes into contact with a drone carrying a med kit will get healed instantly.

You can use this strategy to avoid enemy fire. Instead of risking taking fire and getting injured yourself, you can use a drone to drop med kits to injured teammates.

Go to Reddit to see how you can heal teammates remotely using Casper’s drone.

Specialist Maria Falck can heal injured players

Specialist Maria Falck carries a special syrette pistol she can use to heal herself and other players. To heal injured teammates, simply shoot friendly targets.

If you miss the target, the syringe will land on the ground. Your teammates can then use it to receive the healing effect. However, enemies can also grab the syringe and use it to heal themselves.

If the syringe hits an enemy target directly, they’ll sure take damage. As you can see, hitting the target is extremely important.


If you took damage in Battlefield 2042, you’ll start to self heal after a while. Make sure to go to a safe spot to heal. You can also use medical crates to heal wounded teammates. Specialist Maria Falck carries a special syrette pistol she can use to heal herself and her teammates.

What do you think about the healing system in Battlefield 2042? Do you think the health regeneration system makes the Medic class useless? After all, players can heal just fine on their own. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Updated on November 19th to add additional information about defibrillators and drones.

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