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Battlefield 2042: Meet Specialist Constantin Anghel


Curios to learn more about Specialist Constantin Anghel? Head below to learn what he can do on the battlefield.

Specialist Constantin Anghel

  • Place of birth: Romania
  • Class: Support
  • Specialty: Loadout crate
  • Trait: Trauma specialist

Constantin loves taking things apart and rebuilding them. He’s the son of a mechanic, so here’s very good at building stuff.

He previously served in the Romanian Navy until he lost his ship and ended up stranded. Fortunately, a No-Pat vessel found him and brought him back to safety.

What Constantin does on the battlefield

Constantin keeps this teammates provided with armor, ammo and loadouts. He can call-in loadout crates to resupply his teammates. Allies can then use the crates to swap kits, and replenish armor and ammo.

He’s a trauma specialist which means he can revive his teammates. Additionally, he can also restore their armor health.

As you can see, Constantin has a support/medic role in Battlefield 2042. Having him on your side is a must, he’s definitely very useful to the team. Going into a gunfight without him is a major disadvantage.

Strong points

  • Excellent technical skills.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking.
  • He’s an excellent troubleshooter, always finds the right solution.
  • He always has a positive attitude.


  • He doesn’t seem to be very strong.
  • He’s easy to spot and the loadout crates may sometimes draw enemy attention.

Constantin Anghel vs Maria Falck

There are two Specialists that can revive other players. One is Maria Falck and the other one is Constantin Anghel.

Maria can revive people to full HP. In some fast-paced scenarios, this is better. Her stim gun also heals wounded allies faster than Constantin’s crates/boxes.

Keep these details in mind when choosing your character. This is not a comparison to decide who’s better. They both have good reason to be played, it’s just that you’ll need to use a different approach depending on the Specialist you pick.

Play as Constantin if you’re the type of person who likes to help people out. If you’re a pacifist medic, you’ll really enjoying playing as Constantin.

What else should Battlefield 2042 players know about Constantin Anghel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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