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Battlefield 2042: Meet Specialist Maria Falck


Ready to meet Specialist Maria Falck? Head below to learn more about her specialty, abilities, and traits.

Specialist Maria Falck

  • Place of birth: Germany
  • Class: Support
  • Specialty: Syrette pistol
  • Trait: Combat surgeon

Maria has served in the German Army for six years and toured in North Africa and the Middle East. Now, she’s searching for her son, David, after hearing he may have joined a No-Pat group.

Strong points

She is very determined and has an iron will. Nothing scares her on the battlefield. She always goes above-and-beyond to help her teammates.

Maria Falck is an excellent support specialist. She caries an S21 Syrette Pistol that she uses to heal teammates from a distance. If she takes damage, she can use the pistol to heal herself as well. The S21 Syrette pistol can hold up to six shots.

Because she’s a Combat Surgeon, she can revive players with full health. If you’re playing intense and fast-paced Battlefield 2042 modes such as Hazard Zone, Maria can quickly save the day.

On a quick note, Specialist Constantin Anghel can also heal wounded teammates using medic crates. However, he can’t heal teammates from a distance. Moreover, Maria can heal injured players faster than Constantin.

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Stay at the center of the action, but at a safe distance

Maria can use her skills best in defensive positions or areas where she can find a lot of objects to hide from enemy fire.  As a player, you want to always stay at the center of the action. You have to be in the heat of battle to see who needs help.

Use weapons that allow you to engage enemies from a safe distance. Keep in mind that Maria Falck is a support specialist, she’s not an assault expert. Use light machine guns and DMRs to target enemies from a safe distance. Stay away from sniper rifles, and shotguns.

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