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Battlefield 2042: How to use ziplines


Battlefield 2042 features a lot of ziplines that you can use to get on top of tall buildings or steel towers, quickly move from skyscraper to skyscraper or jump over glacier crevasses.

How do I use ziplines in Battlefield 2042?

To use a zipline in Battlefield 2042, walk up to it and attach a powered trolley. Then use the zipline to ascend or descend or move over obstacles. What’s really interesting about Battlefield 2042 is that you can still use your kit while sliding on a zipline. This means that you can target and shoot your enemies while zipping around.

Players can’t build and erect ziplines. You need to take advantage of the existing ziplines. Ziplines are pre-made map parts. The good thing is that they are really well-placed on the map.

Battlefield 2042 maps that feature ziplines

The following Battlefield 2042 maps feature ziplines: Orbital, Kaleidoscope, Hourglass, and Breakaway.

For example, the Orbital map features vertical cables that you can use to scale up or down tall structures such as buildings or towers. You can then take out your enemies without them even knowing what hit them.

On the Orbital map, you can get from one sector to another by using the ziplines. You can also get on top of the rocket tower using ziplines. As a quick reminder, this map centers on a rocket site.

Kaleidoscope takes you to Songdo, South Korea where skyscrapers are linked by ziplines. You can quickly move from one skyscraper to the next using ziplines.

The Breakaway map takes you Antarctica where ziplines and rope bridges connect isolated glacier areas.

Use ziplines for coordinated team action

Hopefully, DICE will add a specialist in the future that uses ziplines. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of Mackay’s grappling hook gun. Unfortunately, the grappling hook is quite limited in terms of range. It only shoots about 20 feet in front of you. And it’s only for Mackay to zip around with.

Using a grappling hook is definitely fun but ziplines allow for coordinated team action. If you want to reach further distances, like building to building, use a zipline when you find one.

What do you think about ziplines in Battlefield 2042? Like them, hate them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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