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Battlefield 2042: How to call in vehicles


Battlefield 2042 has an interesting call-in system that lets players air drop ground vehicles to a specific location. Thanks to the new call-in system, you can now have vehicles, including battle tanks dropped off where you need them.

How to air drop vehicles to your location in Battlefield 2042

How to call in vehicles on PC

  1. Activate the call-in option by pressing the B key.
  2. Then click on the vehicle you want to air drop.
  3. Select the drop point.
  4. Click your left mouse button to call-in the vehicle.

What to do if the Call-In tablet closes unexpectedly

Your character may sometimes close the tablet instead of showing you the drop point. To bypass this glitch on PC, don’t hold the B key, just tap it gently. You won’t be able to select anything if you hold the B key down.

How to call in vehicles on Xbox

  1. Press and hold the Right Button to enable the call-in option.
  2. Use the left thumbstick and A button to select your vehicle.
  3. Select the ai-drop location with your left thumbstick.
  4. Press the A button to launch the call-in.

How to call in vehicles on PS4 or PS5

  1. Press and hold R1 to enable the call-in feature.
  2. Then select your vehicle using the left thumbstick and the X button.
  3. Select the drop point with your left thumbstick.
  4. Press the X button to start the call-in.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to air-drop a specific vehicle if your team mates already deployed the same vehicle model on the field. For example, if there are already two tanks deployed, you may not be able to drop a third one.

Make sure to air-drop your vehicles behind the front line. If you deploy them in the middle of the battle field, your enemies may shoot you before you manage to enter the vehicle.

How to call in a helicopter or jet in Battlefield 2042

To call in a jet or helicopter in Battlefield 2042, go to the HQ spawn point and select the Jeep icon to pull up the vehicle list. Select the jet or helicopter you want to call in. Then select the drop zone and wait until the jet or helicopter is air dropped.

How to call in a robot dog in Battlefield 2042

If you want to call it a robot dog, press the B key if you’re on PC or the right button on consoles. Select the Ranger, and then select the drop zone. Wait until the game airdrops your robot dog.



To call in vehicles in Battlefield 2042 on PC, press the B key on your keyboard. On Xbox and PlayStation consoles, you need to press the Right Button, or the R1 button, respectively. Then select the vehicle you want to call in and then select drop zone.


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