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Battlefield 2042: How to use a defibrillator


All Battlefield 2042 players are equipped with a Defibrillator they can use to revive injured teammates. You can get it from the Battlefield Portal. If you’re a long-time Battlefield player, you’ll be glad to learn the BF2042 defibrillator functions exactly as its BF3 counterpart. The revive-as-an-interaction mechanics are the same from Battlefield V.

To start the revive procedure, use the same interaction button you normally use to pick up dropped weapons. On PC, press and hold the E key. On Xbox, press and hold the X button. On PS4 and PS5, press and hold the square button. Paddles take about two seconds to charge.

The defibrillator gives injured players partial health. The only Specialist that can revive players to full health is doctor Maria Falck. Trauma Specialist Constantin Anghel can also revive downed players and restore their armor health.

Potential issues while reviving downed teammates

Players are left exposed while reviving their teammates. Basically, you’re a sitting duck for a few seconds.

Moreover, there’s also an annoying bug that causes downed players to get stuck in revive. You can’t die, and your teammates can’t revive you either. This glitch affected earlier BF version as well.

Fallen teammates remain down for 30 seconds before the game eliminates them automatically. This means you need to act fast to revive them.

Downed players can still spot threats and warn their teammates about imminent danger. Additionally, they can also command their Ranger drone if it’s still active.

Alternatives: Use auto-heal and medic crates

Ideally, try to heal yourself before you die. If you’ve taken too much damage, try to go to a safe place and wait for the auto-heal process to start. If you’re lucky, you may also find some medic crates on the ground. Use them to heal faster. Keep in mind that medic crates have a cooldown timer. You can’t use two of them in a row.


Battlefield 2042 players can use the defibrillator to give downed players partial health. To use the defibrillator, press and hold the E key on PC, the X button on Xbox, or the square button on PS4 and PS5.

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