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The Sims 4 Making Money challenge explained

The Sims 4 now feature in-game Challenge Scenarios that require you to complete a series of objectives in order to reach a specific goal or set of goals.

The first two scenarios available for players are Making Money and Finding Love After a Break Up. Each scenario has its own set of rules and requirements. Let’s explore what Making Money is about.

Sims 4 Making Money scenario guide

For Money Making, you need to work your way from zero to one million Simoleons within your Sim’s lifetime. You can choose the standard route and work hard to earn money, or cheat, lie and steal to complete the challenge. Any strategy’s allowed as long as it helps you reach your goal.

The catch is that after you move to a lot, the game automatically sets your household funds to zero Simoleons. So, you start with absolutely zero household funds.

The main challenge is to find ways to earn one million Simoleons by the time your Sim dies of old age.

The good news is that the Making Money scenario does not have any requirements. It’s up to you to decide how you want to achieve that goal. You can do whatever is necessary to earn one million Simoleons.

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How to access the Making Money scenario

To access the scenario, click on the New Scenario button, and select Making Money. Then click on the View button to learn more about the scenario requirements and goals.


If you decide to start with a brand-new save, the game will take to the Create-a-Sim screen. If there are any household requirements to start the scenario, you’ll see them listed in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Think how you want to play from the very beginning

The best approach is to start thinking how you want to play from the very beginning. Since this is a scenario that involves getting your hands on a lot of money and becoming very wealthy, you can select the Fortune aspiration. That will help you get there quickly. You can also select the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

For your traits, select a combination of traits that enhance one another. For example, you can select the Genius, Perfectionist, and Self-assured traits.

Once you’ve selected your Sim’s traits, select your lot. You can choose between a furnished, unfurnished household and a bulldoze lot.


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If you select the unfurnished household or bulldoze lot, you’re up for a very tough challenge. Keep in mind that your household funds get reset to zero after setting up your lot.

The simplest option is to simply select the Furnished household option and dive right in.

There’s also a Lesson option that you can use to read more about Challenge Scenarios and learn more about the new system.

After setting up everything, you can start working towards your one million Simoleon goal. Choose your career, then go to work, and work really hard to achieve your goal.

By the way, if you have Cottage Living installed, the best ways to make money include selling oversized crops, running errands for NPCs, or setting up a market stall at your farm.

You’ll get Satisfaction Points for completing the challenge

Once you’ve completed the challenge and cashed in one million Simoleons, you’ll get rewarded with Satisfaction Points. You can use the points to get stuff from the Rewards Store.

Have fun with the Money Making scenario!

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