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How long does it take to write a book in Sims 4?


Your Sims can secure a constant revenue stream by writing books. They’ll get royalties for up to 20 days after publishing a book. All they need to do is write for a few hours and then enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Are there any book genres that are easier to write than others? After all, the more books your Sim publishes, the more money they earn. Let’s find out!

How long does it take to write a book in The Sims 4?

It takes 3 to 4 hours to write a book in The Sims 4 irrespective of the genre you select. If your Sim is Inspired, they can write a book in less than 3 hours. Keep in mind that raising your Sim’s writing skills won’t reduce the amount of time it takes to write a book.

While your Sim can write up to four books per day, don’t force them to write more than three. Let them recharge their batteries properly so they can write high quality books the next day.

What is the quickest book to write in Sims 4?

There is a special book category that takes slightly less time to write in Sims 4, and that’s comic books. Comic books are short compared to other genres which means that your Sim should be able to crank them out a bit faster.

You need Writing at Level 1 and either Painting or Street Art at Level 1 to be able to write comics. If your Sim doesn’t meet these skill requirements, the option to write comic books won’t show up on the writing list.

Another category of short books is Children’s books. Your Sim needs Writing at Level 3 and Painting at Level 4 to write Children’s books.

Once again, leveling up your Sim’s writing skills doesn’t mean they’ll be able to write books faster. High-level writing skills can help your Sim unlock new book genres.


Your Sim can write a book in 3-4 hours irrespective of the genre you select. You can speed up the process by making sure your Sim is feeling Inspired while writing. Sims can easily write 3 books a day.

Do you think that writing books should actually take longer to make things more realistic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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