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How to level up Charisma fast in Sims 4


Charisma helps your Sims become more popular and increases their influence. This comes in very handy, especially when you’re playing Neighborhood Stories and you’re pursuing the Neighborhood Confidante aspiration. Make sure to increase Charisma to influence other Sims more easily.

What is the fastest way to gain Charisma in Sims 4?

Practice speech in a mirror

Practicing speech in a mirror is the fastest way to increase Charisma in The Sims 4. First, use the Psych Up object interaction and brush your teeth to get the Confident moodlet for the next four hours. Then, select Practice Speech to start building your Charisma.

Sims will gain Charisma a lot faster when stacked with Confidence. That’s why it’s important to trigger the Confident moodlet first. At higher Charisma skill levels, you can also Practice pickup lines.

As your Sims continue to increase their Charisma, they’ll automatically gain more of it when using social interactions.

Socialize with other Sims

You can also increase Charisma by socializing with other Sims. Make sure your Sim is leading the conversation. If they’re only listening, they won’t gain Charisma.

Keep the conversation interesting and don’t flatter other Sims way too much. If you do that, you risk getting them bored.

Choose the Convivial lot trait

The Convivial lot trait can boost your Sims’ Charisma by 50%. It’s perfect for practicing and developing social skills such as Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief.

Read a book about Charisma and start a Social Network

Click on the computer and purchase three books on Charisma. Once you reach Level 5, you can start a social network. The best part is that any interaction on the social network automatically boosts your Sim’s Charisma skill.

Charisma affects all social interactions

If your Sim is a social bee, maxing out Charisma is a must. Keep in mind that Charisma influences all social interactions, particularly romantic interactions. Excellent Charisma brings a higher success rate at telling jokes and doing funny things.

As the Charisma level goes up, additional social interactions become available. For example, you can select Funny Introduction, Cheerful Introduction, Flirty Introduction or Enchanting Introduction.

Level 10 in Charisma unlocks the Smooth Talker Achievement.

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