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New World server population cap needs to increase


Amazon’s New World MMORPG is driving players crazy due to astronomically long queue times. Players need to wait for hours on end to get into the game. The average wait time is over 20 hours.

Amazon prepared over 170 servers for New World’s launch, but that number is insufficient as demand continues to climb.

The main problem is that servers are capped at 2,000 players per world and the game is quickly approaching the 1M player milestone. This means that a whole lot of gamers can’t get in.

The solution: Increase the server population cap

Many players suggested the quickest way to solve this problem would be to immediately increase server population from 2,000 to 6,000 per server. In other words, Amazon needs to change the server settings to let more people in. New World players have even launched an official petition asking Amazon to increase the server population cap.

This is an official petition from your paying customers, worldwide, for the immediate increase in server population from 2,000 to 6,000 per server. Your server hardware and infrastructure are more than capable of handling 6,000 connections for each server.
As paying customers we DEMAND that you provide us what we paid for and that is to be able to play the game and not sit in a queue for hours on end.

But things aren’t that simple

As Amazon explains, worlds have a maximum player capacity. If no one is leaving the game, the wait time will behave unpredictably.

Worlds have a maximum player capacity. Average queue time does not mean you will have to wait a hundred hours, it is a rolling calculation of how many people are being let into the world as slots free up. If no slots free up for a certain amount of time and more players keep entering a queue that isn’t moving at all – because no one is leaving the game – then the wait time will naturally behave unpredictably.

Amazon to add more servers soon

Amazon has been adding more servers to New World’s infrastructure, but player counts continue to climb. The company has already acknowledged the server issues and confirmed they’re working to expand the capacity of existing worlds in addition to adding new servers.

Unfortunately, server stability issues are pretty common in MMO games. The good new is that these problems should clear up with time.

Errors are kicking players out of queues

As if the limited server popular cap wasn’t enough, many players complained they often get kicked out of queues. When that happens, errors such as Too Many Requests Exception, Product information not found or Http Error Response pop up on the screen.

Worlds with low queue time

Alternatively, you can also join a world with a low queue time, such as Zu-Vendis, Ravenspurn, Hellopia, Ismarus Theta, Pulotu, Quivira, and so on. Go to New World’s Status Page, scroll down to Available worlds and check the average queue time for each world.


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