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Can you change your appearance or name in New World?


When you launch New World for the very first time, you want to join the fun as quickly as possible. So, you quickly go to the Creation menu, and randomly click on the character appearance presets. Then, you type in your character’s name and you’re ready to hit the Play button.

But what if you change your mind later? Can you change your character’s appearance? Can you change their name? Maybe you’ve got a better name idea or you just realized you had a typo in there. Let’s find out!

Can you change your name in New World?

You cannot change your character’s name after you exit the Creation menu. If you want to play on the same server, the only option you have is to delete your character and create a new one. There is a 16 character limit to your name. You can use letters, numbers, and spaces.

Keep in mind that you can only have on character per world/server. You can’t create an unlimited number of characters and then switch back and forth between them.

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How to delete your character in New World

Go to the Region selector and right-click on the three dots on the left-hand corner. Then, select the Delete Character option and confirm your choice. After that, you can start all over again. But this time, do take your time.

Hopefully, Amazon Games will let players change their characters’ name in a future update.

Can you change your character’s appearance in New World?

After closing the Creation menu, you can’t go back to the character creation screen and change you character’s appearance. You need to delete your current character, create a new one and then customize their appearance. In this manner, you can continue to play on the same server.

Alternatively, you can simply abandon the character whose appearance you don’t like and connect to a different server. You can then create a new character there.

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New World character appearance options

Players have a series of preset options they can use to customize their characters’ appearance.

New World character creation options

  • Body type: male or female
  • Face types: there are 20 male face presets available, and 22 face presets for female characters
  • Skin tone: there are 10 skin tones you can choose from
  • Hair styles: there are 40 hairstyles available in 30 different colors
    • Note: The color of the eyebrows will remain brown, you cannot change it, irrespective of the hair color you select.
  • Facial hair: you’ve got 33 facial hair option available in 30 colors
    • Note: Facial hair styles are available for both make and female characters.
  • Eye color: select your favorite eye color from 19 eye color options available
  • Special features: these include freckles, beauty marks, or blemishes
  • Scars: there are 10 scar options available
  • Tattoos: there are 21 tattoos in 15 different colors

What do you think about the character creation process in New World? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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