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Battlefield 2042: All you need to know about tornadoes


Tornadoes can wreak havoc in Battlefield 2042. They literally destroy everything in their path and have devastating effects. They also make spotting enemies extremely difficult.

How do tornadoes work in Battlefield 2042?

Tornadoes occur completely randomly. They can suck players up and then spin them chaotically in the air. They can also suck up other objects and heavy vehicles, including helicopters.

The most annoying part is that tornadoes incapacitate players completely. There’s nothing you can do when you’re being spun around by wind and rain. The screen remains dark while your character twirls around in the eye of the storm. As you can see, tornadoes can be extremely disruptive.

If you’re caught in a tornado, you can open your parachute and hope you’ll be tossed out at the tornado’s periphery. If you cut your chute, you’ll get sucked deeper into the tornado funnel or it will simply spit you out.

Well, if you have bad luck, the tornado might well smash you against a building.

How to spot a tornado in Battlefield 2042

Shortly before a tornado occurs, the weather will get worse. There will be heavy rain, strong winds, and dark skies. Then you’ll see a funnel-shaped cloud on the horizon and a red circle on the in-game map. The red circle on the map represents the area of effect and the path the tornado is on.

How to avoid tornadoes in Battlefield 2042

You can use the wingsuit to fly over tornadoes. Alternatively, you can try to move behind it when you notice the first tell tale signs. Use the red circle on the in-game map to predict its path and stay away from it.

Can you trigger tornadoes in Battlefield 2042?

Players cannot trigger tornadoes, they’re random events. You can’t command Mother Nature. Players have absolutely no control over tornadoes. You can’t trigger tornadoes, control their path, or end them.

How rare is a tornado in Battlefield 2042?

According to DICE, the chances of getting a tornado in Battlefield 2042 are 1 in 10 games. This means you should experience a tornado first-hand in one out of ten games.

Do you think tornadoes are a good addition to Battlefield 2042? Do you hate it when they ruin the flow of a map? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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