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Fix Battlefield 2042 stuck in revive


When another player tries to revive you after getting shot, you may occasionally get stuck in the revive animation. Basically, the death timer stops, you can’t die, and your teammates can’t revive you either. This often happens when the player reviving you dies in the process. You’re stuck in a revived motion limbo where you can’t die or be healed.

What to do if you’re stuck in a downed state in Battlefield 2042

Leave the server

If you’re stuck in a downed state and can’t revive, you either have to exit the match, or until for the match to finish. The quickest way to solve the problem is to simply leave the server/party and rejoin the game.

As many Battlefield fans confirmed, this problem existed in earlier Battlefield games as well. The glitch affects all the Battlefield 2042 maps across all platforms.

DICE has acknowledged the problem

The good news is that DICE officially acknowledged the problem. The devs are working on a hotfix that will be deployed as soon as possible.

ONGOING 11/17 @ 20:22 PM UTC – We are aware of players reporting instances of constantly being stuck in a downed state when killed by an enemy. We’re working towards a fix, with a hotfix planned for an upcoming update.

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How to prevent this issue

There’s a series of early symptoms that warn you about this problem. For example, you can’t jump, sprint or stand up from a crouching position. Additionally, you may sometimes appear as an enemy to your teammates but they can’t kill you.

If an enemy kills you while you’re in this state, this will trigger the stuck-in-revive bug. To prevent this issue, Redeploy from the menu. Those telltale glitches should no longer occur and the revive animation should work properly.

Have you experienced the stuck-in-revive bug in Battlefield 2042? Let me know in the comments below.

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