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Can you avoid PvP in New World?


If you don’t really like the idea of playing with other New World players, you can disable the PvP feature.

Is PvP optional in New World?

PvP is completely optional in New World. If you don’t want to play with other players, you can disable this feature. You can continue to play PvE and never have to go up against another player.

Keep in mind that the PvP option is not available as soon as you launch the game. After you complete a few quests, you can turn the PvP option on, and play against real opponents.

After reaching level 10 and arriving at the First Light Settlement, you’re prompted to choose a faction. There are three factions that you can choose from. Keep in mind that the faction you choose influences what opponents you face in PvP. After selecting your faction, you can enable PvP.

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How to avoid PvP in New World

To disable PvP in New World, go to a Sanctuary and then press the U key. You can always re-enable PvP if you want to play with other by pressing the U key again.

Enabling PvP means that players from other faction can attack you at any given moment. This can cause you to lose progress if you’re in the middle of something really important.

Engaging in PvP action and defeating other players gives you many useful perks and advantages. For example, you can get tax reductions for your properties.

Can you be factionless in New World?

You cannot be factionless in New World. After completing a series of quests and reaching Level 10, the game prompts you to select one of the three factions available.

Do you like going up against other players? Do you often engage in PvP action? Let me know in the comments below.

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