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How do you kill the Grim Reaper in Sims 4?


When Sims die, the Grim Reaper quickly shows up on the lot to reap their souls. The Reaper then takes the body of your dead Sim and leaves an urn behind. Well, Grimmy may sometimes take longer to show up on your lot, but that’s a whole different story.

Many players are wondering if it’s possible to kill The Grim Reaper. If you’re curios to learn the answer to this question, head below for more information.

How to kill the Grim Reaper in Sims 4

To kill the Grim Reaper in Sims 4, you need to install the Extreme Violence mod. Sims can then pursue the Serial Killer career which makes it possible to kill the Reaper. If you play the base game with no mods installed, killing the Reaper is impossible.

What happens if you kill the Grim Reaper?

After killing the Grim Reaper, the game automatically spawns a new NPC that will take the place of the one you just killed.

If you want to take this one step further, you can even have the Grim Reaper kill himself and then add the other Reaper to your family. You can then summon the ghost of the dead Grim Reaper. The Reaper that’s part of your household can then meet the ghost of the dead Reaper face-to-face.

Pretty twisting and sick, isn’t it?

Have fun with The Reaper

There are plenty of other things you can do with the Reaper is you don’t really want to kill him. For example, you can engage in lengthy conversations about literature, politics, the mysteries of life and many other topics. Your Sims can also flirt with the Reaper and even marry him.

Sims can also woohoo with the Reaper and try for baby. Grimmy can father your Sim’s children and he’ll even appear as their father in the family tree.

⇒ Quick Tip: If you have Cottage Living installed, Evil Chickens will keep Grim at bay preventing him from getting anywhere near your Sims.

Have you ever tried to bring The Reaper to your household? Did he get along well with the rest of the family? Comment down below.

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