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The Sims 4 FAQ: Are open relationships possible?

the sims 4 open relationship

The Sims 4 is definitely a game promoting open-mindedness. Its creators have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to portraying queer characters.

And this is one of the key elements that make the game so popular. The fact that there’s a high level of tolerance for queer characters turned many members of various queer communities into fans of the game.

But there are two questions that have yet to get a clear answer:

  • Can Sims be poly-amorous?
  • Can Sims engage in open relationships?

In this guide, we’ll explore these two questions and we’ll try to provide you with an answer.

Can you have an open relationship in The Sims 4?

The Sims 4 does not currently support open relationships. If a Sim cheats on their partner, and they find out, the Reputation systems kicks in and the partner who was cheated on will feel jealous, sad or angry.

But many gamers suggested EA should add open relationships to The Sims 4. Some said there should be an Ask to be in an open relationship option as a Romantic interaction once the Romance bar has reached a certain level.

In this manner, the Sims involved in an open relationship would not get jealous if their partner or partners flirt with other Sims.

Of course, such a proposal would fail badly with the Sims having the Soulmate Aspiration, the Jealousy trait, the Family-oriented trait or the Unflirty. Naturally, the Sims having the Serial Romantic, or the noncommittal and the romantic traits would be more prone to enter open relationships.

And this leads up to the next question.

Can Sims be poly-amorous? Sims often start flirting with random Sims on their own. If several unrelated young adults gather together, each Sim will start flirting with multiple Sims which confirms many Sims can be naturally poly-amorous.

Moreover, Sims oftentimes flirt with whoever they meet even when they’re in a committed relationship.

In the end, it’s up to EA to add the Open Relationship feature or not. But it’s important the company gives players the freedom to play the game as they choose.

Although open relationships are not the same as poly-amorous relationships, we imagine the mechanics would be quite similar.

Other things should be fixed first in the relationship mechanics

Many players said EA should first fix plenty of things in closed relationships before rolling out open relationships or polyamory.

For example, the sad/jealous moodlet goes away too quickly when the relation takes a dip. Not being faithful should have a greater impact on the attitude family members and friends have regarding the guilty partner.

What do you think about all this open relationship and polyamory debate around the Sims 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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