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Sims 4: Filthy surroundings moodlet won’t go away

If your Sims are constantly feeling uncomfortable because of the Filthy surroundings but you can’t seem to get rid of this moodlet, you may need to do some detective work to identify the source of the foul smell. You may think the house is spotless, but wait until you see what might be causing this annoying moodlet. Something’s definitely stinking up the place. By the way, did you know that your Sims can die from low hygiene and filth?

What’s causing the Filthy surroundings moodlet in The Sims 4?

  • Check the top shelves of the kitchen cabinets. There might be several surprises waiting for your Sims such as spoiled packed lunches or dirty plates squirreled away from immemorial days.
  • Check for corrupted bins. Locate and delete the existing outside bins, replace them and check if the moodlet disappears. Oftentimes, the stinky bins and the unpleasant moodlet can traverse the walls of the house. This means that your Sims will get the ‘Filthy surroundings’ moodlet both inside and out, depending on how close they are to the problematic bin.
  • Check the bins inside the house. Start by placing all of them in the household inventory. If the moodlet disappears, put the bins back one by one until you find the culprit.
  • Make sure there’s no fish in the house. Additionally, check your Sim’s inventory and ensure there’s no fish there either.
  • Empty the fridge. Throw everything away to check rotten or spoiled food off the list. Use the Empty Fridge interaction to get the job done.
  • Empty the inventory. Maybe some of your inventory items are causing your Sims to feel uncomfortable.
  • Mop the floor. Make sure the floor is spotless. Maybe your Sim threw some food to the dog directly on the floor but the dog did not take it.
  • Inspect the kitchen. Clean all the kitchen areas, including the sink, microwave, counters, you name it. Look for dirty plates and glasses left around. By the way, one of the sneakiest sources of filth is the sink. Don’t forget to check the counter under the sink as well. Remove all the kitchen furniture if necessary.
  • Remove the items decorating your kitchen shelves. Some gamers found out the moodlet was triggered by the decorative wine glasses they had got from the debug items list to decorate the kitchen shelves with. Apparently, they can became “old” and stink up the place.
  • Check if there’s anything spoiled or dirty under the furniture. Many gamers confirmed they found water glasses under couches and other pieces of furniture. By the way, empty water glasses can be difficult to see sometimes. If you give your Sims commands while they’re trying to drink a glass of water, the game may glitch sending that glass right under the couch, for example.
  • Invite your Sims to take a shower. Do the laundry as well.
  • Get rid of trash plants. They smell bad and may make your Sims feel uncomfortable.
  • Inspect the top shelves. It doesn’t matter if it’s the top of a book shelf or the top of your kitchen cabinet. Sims often put random items on the top shelves.

Did you encounter similar problems? What was the source of the foul smell in your case?

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