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The Sims 4 Werewolves: Here’s how the Lunar Howl works


The Lunar Howl is a werewolf-specific ability that allows Sims 4 players to reset the temperaments of their Sims. Doing a Lunar Howl will give your Sim new temperaments, changing their personality. They’ll behave in a completely different manner and their needs will also be different.

The Lunar Howl skill description reads as follows:

Lunar Howl: Howl under the moonlight to transform temperaments!

The most forbidden howl. Release what little remains of Sim Name’s humanity and succumb to the moon’s glow. Be warned, they may never be the same again!

This feature is available if you have the Werewolves pack installed.

You can’t choose the new temperaments

You can’t choose your Sim’s new temperaments when doing a Lunar Howl. The game assigns them randomly. After doing a Lunar Howl, werewolves may even gain positive temperaments to help them better control Fury.

It’s possible to gain four positive temperaments, instead of negative ones. However, these are rare events. You’ll typically get a mix of negative and positive temperaments.

As a quick reminder, there are 4 positive temperaments that help reduce Fury gain and slow down one of your Sim’s needs. For instance, the Mark of the Hunt temperament slows down hunger.

This temperament will come in handy at times, especially if your werewolf is having trouble finding fresh meat.

Laid-back werewolves can become really aggressive

Think twice before using the Lunar Howl option. You may not always like the end result.

For example, the Lunar Howl can make friendly werewolves really aggressive. They can potentially lose their good temperament trait to the point that you may not even recognize them.

If you don’t like your werewolf’s new personality, you can do a Lunar Howl again and reroll their temperaments until you’re satisfied.

Keep in mind that you can do a Lunar Howl only once per night outdoors.

By the way, if you want to make howling at the full moon more fun, do it with the whole pack.

And now you know.

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