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Sims 4 Solar Panels Not Working | Fix Them

fix sims 4 solar panel problems

Does Sims 4 have solar panels? The Sims 4 Eco-Lifestyle expansion allows gamers to mount solar panels and use them to produce electricity and heat in order to reduce their ecological footprint.

There are three stages of the eco footprint: Industrial, Neutral and Green. The Green Eco Footprint means the whole neighborhood can enjoy fresh air, and a healthy atmosphere by unlocking Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and Dew Collectors.

But using solar panels is not that easy or simple. Many gamers complained they can’t mount their solar panels or they can’t use them to reduce their household’s bills. In this guide, we’ll explain you why that happens and how you can fix it.

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How To Fix Solar Panel Issues in Sims 4

Solar panel can’t intersect with roofs

When gamers press on the solar panel designed to go on their house’s roof and try to mount it on the roof, they get the following error: can’t intersect with roof. In other words, they cannot place any roof solar panels.

Keep in mind that you can’t put solar panels on curved or gabled roofs. Try to place them on the flat or non-curved parts instead.

As a workaround, many players decided to keep the solar panels on the ground. Of course, that’s not always possible and this could ruin your household’s aesthetics.

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Power generation issues

If you’ve got plenty of solar panels, and you even added several more yet your power output does not increase, simply restarting your game should fix the problem.

As always, if you’re still experiencing other solar panel problems, we suggest disabling your mods and CC to fix these issues.

For example, gamers confirmed the Mannequin Uncapper mod is outdated with the expansion.

Other players confirmed Teleporter and Elevator mods prevented them from placing solar panels on rooftops and removing the respective mods allowed them to place the solar panels on the roof again.

We hope something helps.

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  1. I play on xbox with zero mods whatsoever and my solar panels and wind turbines aren’t generating power at all. I have 5 solar panels and two wind turbines and the only thing I’m trying to power are the lights (I use a cooler and the grill for cooking). The water collectors work fine. Do you have any suggestions?

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