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Sims 4 Cottage Living traits and aspirations


Cottage Living is the eleventh expansion pack for The Sims 4. Every new pack brings new traits, aspirations, and skills to the table. Let’s explore what’s new in Cottage Living.

Cottage Living new traits

Animal enthusiast


Sims that have the “Animal enthusiast” trait are literally obsessed with animals. They will often venture out in nature to meet new animals. Sims with this trait will have an easier time getting close to wild animals. For example, they’ll be able to befriend wild rabbits much quicker compared to Sims that don’t have this trait.

Additionally, caring for animals is a lot easier. Your farm animals will be very happy when you’re around, and they’ll produce more eggs, milk, and so on.

Animal Enthusiast Sims have access to additional interactions that they can use to socialize with animals. For example, they can dance, sing, or play an instrument to their animals.


Needless to say, if you want to get the Happy moodlet, spend as much time as possible socializing with animals.

Lactose intolerant


If your Sim has the “Lactose intolerant” trait, they’ll quickly get sick if they eat dairy. Avoid dairy, and your Sim will be fine.

Of course, you can also force your Sim to eat a lactose meal, but they’ll need a few hours to recover after the event.

The good news is that Lactose Free meals carry a label informing your Lactose intolerant Sims they can safely eat it. Additionally, there are plenty of Lactose Free recipes you can choose from.


New aspiration in Cottage Living

Country Caretaker


Country Caretakers want to get involved in all things countryside and spend a lot of time in nature. They also want to befriend all living creatures.

Country Caretaker aspiration levels

Level 1: Campestral Curator

  • Purchase 1 Cow, Chicken, or Llama on Your Home Lotsims-4-cottage-living-purchase-chickens-animals
  • Socialize with a Fox, Rabbit, or Bird 5 Times
  • Purchase 1 Garden Patch for Your Home Lot
  • Visit all the neighborhoods in Henford-on-Bagley

Level 2: Agrestic Savant

  • Befriend a Chicken, Cow, or Llama
  • Place 1 Wild Rabbit Home or Flock of Wild Birds on Your Home Lot
  • Fertilize 3 Plants or Oversized Crops


Level 3: Critter Keeper

  • Give 3 Gifts to Foxes, Rabbits, or Birds
  • Craft Animal Treats 5 Times
  • Harvest 1 Perfect Quality Oversized Crop
  • Forage 5 Items from the Bramblewood

Level 4: Legendairy

  • Reach Maximum Relationship with a Cow, Chicken, or Llamasims-4-cottage-living-give-treat-to-cow
  • Receive 3 Gifts from Rabbits or Birds
  • Win a Competition in Henford-on-Bagley’s Finchwick Fair

The Nature Conversationalist reward trait

Once you complete the Country Caretaker aspiration, you’ll also unlock the Nature Conversationalist reward trait. This trait will further boost your relationship with animals, and they’ll bring you more gifts. You’ll also unlock new plant interactions, allowing you to increase your harvest.

What do you think about the new traits and the Country Caretaker aspiration? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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