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New World: How to avoid AFK kick


New World is suffering from extremely long queue times. Many players need to wait for hours on end to get in. But if you need to take a break and the game detects you’re away from your keyboard, you’ll get kicked out. Here’s how you can prevent that from happening.

How long is New World’s AFK timer?

New World has an AFK time of 25 minutes. After 20 minutes of idle time, you’ll get a notification saying the game has detected you’re away from your keyboard and you’ll be kicked out soon. Not pressing any buttons for more than 25 minutes will result in you getting kicked out of the game.

After that, you need to go over the queue ordeal again, and wait for a few hours to get a free server slot.

As you can see, 25 minutes is fairly generous. That’s more than enough time to go to the loo for number one or two.

How to avoid AFK kick in New World

Waiting in long server queues to join the fun has incentivized many players to look for ways to avoid losing their place on the servers. And they found one interesting way to keep their spot on the servers.

Aimlessly run into a wall to avoid New World AFK kick

The simplest way to avoid New World AFK kicks is to aimlessly continue to run into a wall. Put something heavy on your W key and your character will keep moving forward.

As a quick reminder, the game only takes physical key inputs into account for activity. Auto-run will count for inactivity and still get you kicked, so you can’t use this method.

Generally speaking, New World players are quite sympathetic towards their fellow gamers that chose to aimlessly run into a wall just to keep their server slot.

Tbh there are probably less than 100 people doing this at any time on any server. When you wait five hours, but need to go grab a quick snack or go do the dishes or some shit, you’re gonna do whatever you can to stay online. I don’t blame them

Have you ever used this workaround to avoid getting kicked out of the game? How did your fellow gamers react? Let me know in the comments below.


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