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How to get Sims to be playful


There are plenty of emotions you can play with in The Sims 4. One of them is Playful. This emotion occurs when Sims have a funny conversation, or watch something funny.

Playful can evolve into Very playful and then quickly into Hysterical. The problem is that Sims that go into hysterics can quickly die by laughter. Make sure to quickly calm your Sim down when they go into hysterics. Rush to the next mirror, and make a straight face to calm down before death kicks in.

Your Sim will get playful more often if they have the Childish or Goofball traits. As a quick reminder, Sims that have the Childish trait become playing when they’re around children. Sims with the Goofball trait randomly become playful without any external stimuli. They also like to play a lot of pranks on other Sims.

If you want your Sims to become Playful, follow the steps below.

Best ways to get Sims to be playful

  • Children can get playful by watching kids shows or playing on Jungle Gym.
  • Have them tell many jokes. After telling a 3-5 jokes in a row, Sims will get playful. Watching another Sim tell jokes has the same effect.
  • You can also make silly faces in the mirror.
  • Adult Sims can watch the Comedy TV Channel and other funny videos to get into the Playful mood.
  • Viewing Playful Art also has the same effect.
  • If you want your Sims to relax and become Playful, have them take a Bubble Bath.
  • Eating Gummy Bear pancakes will put a large smile on your Sim’s face. Simply click on the fridge or stove and select “Make Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes.” You can also keep the pancakes  in the fridge and make your Sim playful anytime by eating a plate.
  • If you have Backyard Stuff installed, use the Foamy Slide option.
  • If your Sim is an alien, they can empathize with flirty Sims and become playful.
  • If you have the Deluxe Edition, wearing a Hysterical Tiger Hat or Star Spangled Glasses will put your Sims into a Playful mood.
  • Your Sim can collect emotional essences from cow plants, including the Essence of Playfulness. However, you never know what essence you’ll get, it all depends on the mood of the Sim the cow plant ate.
  • If another Sim uses a Voodoo doll on your Sim, they’ll get really playful.
  • If you have Jungle Adventure installed, eat Razzleberries. Also, certain curses can also cause Playful moodlets.
  • If a Sim drinks the Sparkling Apple Juice, they’ll become playful.


To get Sims to be playful, have them tell 3-5 jokes, make silly faces in the mirror, watch funny videos on Sim.TV, and view Playful paintings. Additionally, encourage your Sims to take a bubble bath, and eat Gummy Bear pancakes.

What’s your favorite method to make Sims playful? Let me know in the comments below.

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