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Fix: New World fishing is not working


Many New World players complained about not being able to fish. For example, the fishing rod suddenly disappears from the inventory or gets stuck. If you get attacked while fishing, the rod may sometimes appear as an equipped weapon. Or you may try to fish, but there’s no fish in the lake.

What to do if you can’t fish in New World

Restart your game

A simple workaround such as restarting New World can fix fishing-related issues. Many players confirmed that broken fishing rods re-appeared in their inventories and became fully functional again.

This happened to me, I had to restart my game a couple of times. But it was fixed in the end.

Use the Repair option

Use the Crafting Station to repair your inventory items. Repair your broken or stuck fishing rod and check if the problem persists. Select your fishing rod in the menu, and then hit Repair. If you want to use a shortcut, simply hold down the R key and then click on the fishing rod.

Return to the fishing spot later

If no fish is jumping, this may indicate the hotspot is not active. That’s actually an indicator of node exhaustion. Come back in 30 minutes to the same location and you should be able to catch some fish.

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Report the bug to Amazon

New World players have been complaining about fishing issues ever since the game was launched. If restarting the game didn’t fix the problem, contact Amazon Games support and report the bug.

Did you find other ways to fix fishing-related issues in New World? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below. Your solution may save the day for fellow New World players.

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