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How to use Super Knock On efficiently in FIFA 22


A Super Knock On is a handy FIFA mechanic that allows you to push the ball so far off the defender that you can then use your pace to catch it up and step ahead of the defender.

Use the Super Knock On option when you’re on the wing and there’s a lot of empty space in front of you. You can push the ball off the defender and quickly cover the ground to catch it up.

How to use a Super Knock On in FIFA

To use a Super Knock On, first you need to hit the maximum speed of your player. Then flick your right stick twice in front of the player. Your second flick actually needs to be a hold, not a full flick.

In other words, you flick the right stick in front of the player once and on the second flick, you hold it in the same direction.

Basically, a Super Knock On lets you push the ball so far off that the defender gets left behind. Make sure you’re faster than the defender. By the way, defenders can counter-attack a Super Knock On with an Explosive Sprint.

Don’t use a Super Knock On twice

If you use a Super Knock On twice, the goalkeeper may rush out and grab the ball before you can catch it up. Using this option twice makes your game predictable. For the best results, use this option only once.

The Super Knock On option comes in handy when you’re trying to break away, especially when the left or right wing is empty.

What do you think about the Super Knock On option? Got any additional tips and tricks to share? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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