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FIFA Agile Dribbling tips to beat your opponents

FIFA agile dribbling guide

FIFA uses an advanced dribbling system that will make playing the game even more fun. Yes, we’re talking about Agile Dribbling. The system was first introduced in FIFA 21 and is supported on FIFA 22 as well.

What is Agile Dribbling? Agile Dribbling is a dribbling system specific to the FIFA franchise that lets players move faster and have more control over the ball when they come up against a defender.

How to use Agile Dribbling when playing FIFA

  • To use Agile Dribbling on Xbox, hold RB and use the Left Stick
  • To use Agile Dribbling on PlayStation, hold R1 and use the Left Stick

As a quick reminder, L1 is close control, and R1 is Agile.

Agile Dribbling is a feature that’s available to all the players in the game. But there are four main attributes that significantly boost your player’s dribbling speed and precision:

  • Dribbling
  • Agility
  • Reactions
  • Ball Control

If your player has all these qualities, they’ll have faster footwork and they’ll be able to keep the ball close to their feet when dribbling.

In this manner, they get better chances at winning one-on-one situations. Use Agile Dribbling to quickly move the ball from side to side, create space and then explode past your opponents.

Combine Agile Dribbling with other moves

If you really want your players to shine on the field, you can combine Agile Dribbling with other moves.

For example, use the Bridge Dribble or the Ball Roll Fake to make the game even more fun and take your opponents by surprise.


Dribbling is a crucial skill in FIFA and mastering Agile Dribbling will give you a major advantage over your opponents.

It could be a skill that makes the difference between scoring a goal for your team and missing that opportunity.

What do you think about Agile Dribbling so far? Love it or  hate it? Let me know in the comments below.



Last updated: September 2021


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