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What to do if FIFA Red Picks won’t work


Many FIFA players that finished FUT Champions complained they did not receive Red Player Picks. Here’s what you can do if you’re experiencing the same problem.

FIFA Red Picks are not available

Get the latest FIFA updates

If you haven’t received your Red Player Picks yet, check for updates. Install the latest FIFA updates on your device and check if the issue persists.

This is definitely a game-related bug. It has been affecting FIFA games for years. The good news is that EA has always patched the issue within a few days after players reported the problem.

So, open the messages you received from EA and check if you’ve been given the correct items. You should see an in-game message when logging into FUT. All the missing items should be available in your main menu.

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Contact EA Support

If the problem persists, and you still haven’t got any message from EA, contact EA Support for further help. Give them as many details as possible about the problem you’re experiencing and follow their instructions.

The Red Player Picks are a personal reward. You can’t change the cards, and you can’t use them on the Transfer Market. That means you can’t earn any coins off them.

FIFA is a really amazing game. But keep in mind that no game can be completely bug-free shortly after release. There are still plenty of bugs affecting FIFA but EA is working on fixing all of them as quickly as possible.


If you haven’t received your Red Player Picks yet, you should soon get an in-game message from EA confirming you’ve been given the correct items. This is a common FIFA bug but EA is always quick to patch it within a few days after the official game release.

What do you think about the Player Picks you got so far? Are you happy with the cards or you’re rather disappointed? Comment down below.

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