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FIFA 22 bugs: Here’s what players are complaining about


FIFA 22 is one of the hottest games of the year. But before you hit the “Buy” and “Download” buttons, keep in mind that the game is not completely bug-free. Many players have complained about various issues ranging from minor glitches to random crashes.

FIFA 22 bugs, glitches, and errors reported by players

Auto switch not working

Players can’t use auto-switch on PC and PlayStation.

Auto switch is turned on but still has the default settings active even though every time it say automatic

Read more on EA’s forum.

FIFA 22 Squad battles crash Xbox console

The game crashes on PCs as well but it seems this issue is affecting Xbox console a lot more frequently, especially when playing FUT Squad battles.

Turn on the game play for a while and suddenly game freezes/hanged and there is no other option then force quit the game.

Read more on EA’s forum.

Players won’t move in Draft Mode

Many FIFA fans complained they can’t control players in Draft Mode. Players simply won’t respond to their commands.

[Game] won’t let me control my players at all in any mode. I am sitting here watching my team play for me while I try to fix it, then I get kicked for inactivity.

Read more on EA’s forum.

Friendly matches are not working

FIFA 22 sometimes freezes when players try to play friendly matches with friends.

Everytime i want to play against specific friends in friendly games in the ultimate team […] the game freezes and than sends a message that says that there was an error and that I cant join the game

Read more on EA’s forum.

Real names are considered offensive but they’re not

The game filters out real names because it considers them offensive or profane. The following message often pops on the screen: The text you entered has been filtered as it could be used to attack or annoy other players by violating the user agreement. Please enter a different text and try again.

Read more on EA’s forum.

Players can’t submit Squad Building Challenges

When players try to  submit an SBC, FIFA 22 kicks them off Ultimate Team saying it’s unable to connect to the servers.

Can’t submit the SBC on the web app either on PC or mobile, nothing happens when I click the Submit/Exchange players button.

Read more on EA’s forum.

Squad battles rewards are not working

There are no coins, no points and no wins after Squad battles.

After I complete any game I receive no coins. After a squad battle game I get no points, after a rivals match my wins don’t count.

Read more on EA’s forum.

No Homegrown Talent in Career mode

There is no homegrown talent in the youth academy. When players try to start a new manager career, homegrown talent does not populate.

Career Mode Homegrown talent is not working. When I load into a new career mode there is NO homegrown talent. Please Help.

Read more on EA’s forum.

How to report FIFA 22 bugs

If you’ve encountered some nasty FIFA 22 bugs yourself, let EA know about the issues that you’ve experienced. Go to EA’s Bug Report page, click on New Topic and describe the issue that you encountered.

Also, before submitting your bug report, use the search field to check if other players complained about similar issues. If this is the case, simply hit the “Me too” button.

Have you experienced other bugs and issues when playing FIFA 22? Did you find any specific ways to fix the problem? Let me know in the comments below.


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