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How many times can you use financial takeovers in FIFA?


A financial takeover occurs when a company or wealthy person acquires a football club. In other words, the club gets a new owner that vows to put a lot of money into it. This often means an increased transfer budget.

FIFA players can also use financial takeovers to assume control of a football club.

How many times can I use financial takeovers in FIFA?

You can activate up to three financial takeovers in FIFA. But you can redeem only one per reason. If you try to redeem more than one financial takeover per season, the game will alert you that’s not possible.

By the way, deleting your game saves won’t unlock additional financial takeovers.

How much money does a financial takeover give you in FIFA?

FIFA lets you give up to 500 million to your club for the first transfer. The amount of money that you get following a financial takeover depends on your club and transfer budget. For example, a Premier League club may get double the amount that a Championship club gets.

Steps to complete a financial takeover in FIFA

Do the financial takeover before you start a career mode. It is not possible to do it once you have started a career mode. In other words, you can’t do a financial takeover midway through a season.

  1. Start Career Mode and save the game
  2. Launch Career Mode and open your save file
  3. Check your transfer budget
  4. Open the Catalogue
  5. Use the Career tab and move to the Manager Career list
  6. Browse the available financial takeovers, there should be three of them
  7. Select the Redeem Item button and redeem that takeover
  8. Wait for a few days until the takeover is complete.

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