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Can you get banned for sniping in FIFA?


Sniping is a practice that involves buying players from the Transfer Market for less than their true value. Many FIFA players resort to sniping to buy players really cheap and then sell them at a higher price for profit.

The most challenging part is finding those bargains before somebody else does. Many FUT players will occasionally list players for less than their real value in order to sell them quickly.

However, competition is fierce and snatching a valuable player without breaking the bank is very difficult. Unfortunately, some FIFA players use bots to automatically identify bargains on the Transfer Market. Competing against bots on the market is impossible.

Can I get banned for sniping in FIFA?

If you snipe too frequently in a given period of time, EA may ban your account for sniping. They will also send you an email where they explain why your account has been flagged and you cannot access the Transfer Market anymore.

The first sniping ban is often temporary and you won’t be able to access the market on the Web App for 24 hours. If the system flags your account again shortly after the first ban for the same reasons, you’ll get a permanent ban.

If you keep on sniping, it makes your account look like a bot. This is because your device will keep sending requests to EA’s servers which will trigger their anti-bot system.

If you have two different FIFA accounts and you transfer coins between them, you’ll still get banned for sniping. EA forbids this type of behavior.

If you get a temporary ban for sniping, play it safe and don’t use the market for a few days. Even if you get multiple temporary bans for snipping, make sure you don’t get them every other day or so.

Have you ever been banned for sniping? Was EA right to do so or was it all just a system glitch? Let me know in the comments below.

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