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Elden Ring: Do this if you’re not getting all Runes back


Many Elden Ring players have noticed that the game fails to recover all of their Runes after dying. This problem often occurs in the Stormveil Castle area. If you’re lucky, you may only lose 15-20 percent of your Runes. In rare cases, you may lose up to 35-40 percent of your Runes.

So, what’s going on?

Why am I not getting all my Runes back in Elden Ring?

The Gatekeeper steals part of your Runes each time you die in Elden Ring. That’s why you don’t get all of your Runes back after you die. To get them back, you need to kill the Gatekeeper before you kill Godrick. He’ll drop all of the Runes he stole from you up to that point.

If you kill him inside the boss arena while he’s stomping on Godrick’s corpse, you won’t get any of your Runes back. You’ll only get 200 Runes for killing him.

If you kill Godrick first, then it’s best to let The Gatekeeper live and set up his shop. You can then buy various items from him. He’s more useful to you that way. If you let him live, he’ll become one of the most useful merchants in the game.

Don’t trust The Gatekeeper

Apart from stealing your Runes when you die, the Gatekeeper also blocks the door when you enter a room full of enemies. There’s no way out, the only option is to fight for dear life. You can never trust him.


If Elden Ring is not picking up all of your Runes after dying, that’s because the Gatekeeper stole some of them when you died. You need to kill him before you kill Godrick to get them back. If you kill the Gatekeeper after killing Godrick, you won’t get your Runes back.

And now you know!

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  1. When I die every single tune I have leaves. I just started and I’ve been killing the little giants for 1k tunes each and all of that progress is lost.

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