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Elden Ring invasion mechanics explained in simple terms


Many Elden Ring players have complained about not getting invaded. Well, there are certain prerequisites for an invasion to take place. Additionally, it seems that people prefer exploring the vast Elden Ring map instead of attempting random invasions.

Are you ready to learn more about the invasion mechanics in Elden Ring? Let’s jump right in!

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  • How the invasion system works
  • Use Taunter’s Tongue to lure in invaders
  • There is a limit of players in multiplayer
  • How to attempt invasion
  • How to defeat the Host if you’re the invader
  • Tips to survive an invasion if you’re invaded
  • How to stop invasions

How the invasion system works in Elden Ring

Elden Ring players can only invade other players participating in co-op games. The game lets invaders join only the games that have been opened to them. In other words, you can’t invade players who haven’t summoned a co-op partner. Gamers who are playing in solo mode online cannot be invaded.

The goal of any invader is to kill the host and pick up the rewards. The goal of the host is to kill the invaders.

There is no mounted PvP combat available in Elden Ring. In other words, you cannot summon Torrent during online multiplayer games.

Use Taunter’s Tongue to lure in invaders

To lure in invaders, you can use the Taunter’s Tongue. You can use this item after using the Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

If you use Taunter’s Tongue, you could potentially get surrounded by invaders without having a co-op partner. Or there could be a combination of co-op partners and invaders.

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There is a limit of four players per multiplayer session

If you use the Taunter’s Tongue, you could be invaded by two or three other players, and have a one-vs-two or one-vs-three situation. If two allies and one invader answer your call, you’ll have a three-vs-one situation. You get the point.

If a host already has two allies when you invade, you’ll have to fight three opponents simultaneously. That’s why you should always think twice before attempting to invade a random game.

If you’re looking to make a quick invasion and get your hands on some extra Runes, you may want to think twice before invading another player. The three-vs-one situation brings pretty rough odds for invaders.

Invaders appear as red spirits in the game which means that the host and their allies will be able to quickly identify you.

Use a Bloody Finger or Festering Bloody to attempt invasion

To engage in a forceful invasion, you can use a Bloody Finger or Festering Bloody Finger. The only difference between the two is that the latter is a one-time consumable version of the former. These items will automatically summon you to an eligible host’s game.

Alternatively, you can also use Small Red Effigy to send a sign to the summoning pool for competitive gameplay.

How to defeat the Host

As an invader, you can use the world itself to defeat the Host. Monsters and bosses are not hostile towards invaders. This means that invaders can ally with bosses and fight together against the host.

Force the Host and their allies to engage against the enemies that are already present in the world you invaded. Have naturally present enemies attack the Host. They’ll make your task easier.

Additionally, feel free to set up an ambush. Pick a location that favors you, and wait for the Host to attack you. Wait for them somewhere where you can easily push them off a ledge or cliff to finish the job quicker.

The Phantom Bloody Finger teleports you closer to the Host

Use the Phantom Bloody Finger to move across the map faster as an invader and spawn closer the Host. Instead of roaming the map aimlessly, you can close the distance between you and your target.

You can also use this item to escape, in case the Host and their allies have the upper hand on you. Use the Phantom Bloody Finger to attempt repeat invasion of last targeted world.

As a reward for defeating the host, you’ll get lots of Runes, a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and a Rune Arc.

How to survive an invasion in Elden Ring

To survive an invasion in Elden Ring, your best choice is to summon other players and spirits to help you in combat.

Use the White Cipher Ring and Blue Cipher Ring

You can use the White Cipher Ring and Blue Cipher Ring to summon Hunters for help and answer calls for help, respectively. If you’re being invaded, use the White Cipher Ring to call in another player.

How to stop invasions in Elden Ring

To stop players from invading your game in Elden Ring, avoid summoning other players. You’re safe from invasions as long as you play solo. Players who haven’t summoned a co-op partner cannot be invaded.

Summoning friends to help you kill a stubborn boss also opens the door for unwanted invaders. Weigh your risks, and think twice before summoning other players to help you in combat.

Keep in mind that you can’t stop scripted NPC invasions in Elden Ring. These invasions take place at particular locations and playing solo doesn’t disable them. To avoid fighting NPC invaders, simply run from them and they’ll eventually disappear.

Which role do you like to play in Elden Ring: the invader or the invaded? Comment down below.


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