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Elden Ring fall damage: How to avoid falling to your death


Elden Ring supports vertical navigation which means that you could potentially fall to your death if you’re not careful. While you can survive pretty big drops, you’re not immortal to falls.

Let’s explore how the fall mechanics work in Elden Ring and what you can do to avoid falling to your death.

How does fall damage work in Elden Ring?

There are three possible outcomes when dropping from heights in Elden Ring: nothing happens, your Stamina decreases by 40% or you die. The result depends on how big the drop is. Your Stamina will absorb most of the fall damage.

Torrent is not immune to fall damage either. If the drop is too big, the horse will die instantly. A few seconds later, you’ll die as well.

How to avoid falling to your death in Elden Ring

To test if you can survive a fall in Elden Ring, drop Rainbow Stones and watch what happens to them. If they break when hitting the ground, this indicates you’ll die if you fall from that height. If the stones don’t break and illuminate the ground instead, this means it’s safe to jump.

It’s hard to judge how high a fall is just by looking at it. That’s why you should always play it safe and use Rainbow Stones before jumping off.

How to get Rainbow Stones

You can find Rainbow Stones on the ground in random locations. For example, you can find five Rainbow Stones at the foot of a crucifix in Weeping Peninsula. You can also loot them off the corpses scattered in various locations. Alternatively, you can also craft Rainbow Stones using a Ruin Fragment. You can farm Ruin Fragments at any Site of Grace if you want to craft more Rainbow Stones.

Use the Longtail Cat Talisman to reduce fall damage

You can also equip the Longtail Cat Talisman that will render you immune to fall damage. This talisman will negate fall damage, that is the 40 percent Stamina decrease when you fall. But you can still fall to your death if the jump is too high. If you use the Longtail Cat Talisman, there are two possible outcome to your fall: you either fall harmless, or you die.

What makes fall damage so confusing in Elden Ring?

Fall damage in Elden Ring appears to be based mainly on air-time. That could explain why double jumping before hitting the ground can kill you. Spending extra seconds in the air makes the fall fatal. In other words, the game detects that you’ve fallen for so long that it decides to kill you.

That explains why players die after getting stuck in mid-air. This annoying bug has been affecting the game since launch day. Technically, you’re not falling, you’re just spending too much time in the air.

Additionally, fall damage is confusing because the middle ground between a safe fall and death is not clear. Fall damage affects your Stamina before reducing your HP.

And now you know!

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