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Does Battlefield 2042 support platoons and clan tags?


Remember the days when DICE used to encourage Battlefield gamers to build communities? Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be a priority for the devs anymore.

Battlefield 2042 doesn’t support platoons and clan tags. DICE has removed any form of group identification in the game. The game doesn’t support any tools that promote teamwork. There is no class identity, no in-game squad chat, and no commander.

Battlefield 2042’s AOW and HZ only allow 4 players. This means you’re force to leave your friends out because it’s impossible to play with more than 4 friends together.

Since 2042 doesn’t support platoons, you can’t migrate existing Battlefield platoons to the game and display custom platoon emblems.

Where’s the sense of community in Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield fans have spend years building nice communities around the game. After all, Battlefield is a community-focused game and platoons are definitely a massive part of that.

Recruiting like-minded people is not easy. That’s why many gamers feel DICE trampled on their efforts by not letting them play together in the same match. For them, platoons are the heart and soul of Battlefield.

Clan tags fuel a huge sense of pride for many players. Unfortunately, they’re gone now and the devs haven’t even provided gamers with an explanation for that decision.

Community is a MASSIVE part of this game, and especially with no server browser, upped player count, and massive maps, it makes no sense why they overlooked a great aspect of Battlefield.

The fact that Battlefield 2042 has bigger maps, a bigger player count but gamers can’t play together is really confusing. With the pandemic lock down, platoons would have helped with staying socially available through difficult times.

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What do you think about DICE’s decision to remove platoons, clan tags, and other form of teamwork? Do you think Battlefield’s sense of comradeship will ever be the same again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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