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Battlefield 2042: Can you level up in solo?


If you want to warm up a bit or brush up your skills before taking on real Battlefield 2042 players, you can compete against bots. While the game doesn’t support single-player campaigns, you can play against bots for a while to get the hang of the whole thing. You can get a good idea of the main locations on the map, and learn what each weapon does.

Can you level up when playing Battlefield 2042 solo?

Battlefield 2042 doesn’t support leveling up when playing solo against bots. You can still earn XP but you can’t unlock new weapons or upgrade the ones you already have. Being able to level up your weapons on a smaller map while playing with bots would be really nice. Unfortunately, that’s not currently an option.

On a side note, DICE recently reduced the amount of XP awards for Solo/Co-Op Experiences in All-Out Warfare. The company took this decision to restrict the creation of XP Farming servers in the BattlefieldPortal.

When playing solo, you’re on your own, there are no teammates on your side. You’re up against an army of AI-controlled soldiers. As a quick reminder, bots will also be part of online matches if not enough players join a lobby.

Are you planning to play solo for a while before joining online matches? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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