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Battlefield 2042: How to deploy and counter C4/C5 drones


Drones are very handy warfare tools in Battlefield 2042. You can use them for a variety of tasks. For example, you can use drones to deploy medical crates. But you can also equip them with C4 or C5 packs and target enemies. You can use C5-equipped drones to destroy tanks, helicopters, and take out enemy snipers.

How to equip drones with C4 and C5 packs

You can only use drones when playing as Wikus “Casper” Van Daele. He’s the only specialist that can use drones.

  1. Launch your drone.
  2. Then throw C4 or C5 packs at it. They’ll stick to it.
  3. Locate your target.
  4. Land your drone on the target.
  5. Detonate the explosive remotely.

Press the left button on your controller or 3 key on your keyboard to launch your drone.

You can put up to three packs of C4 or C5 on your drone. Put one pack on each side and the last on the back. Don’t place the packs on the front or you’ll end up with the entire screen blocked by C5.

Drones have a 300 meter range

Drones have a controllable max range of 300 meters. If you pass the 300 meter range limit, you’ll lose the connection to your drone. You can’t have more than one drone in the air at any time.

Drones can help you spot enemies and tanks from far away and pinpoint their exact location without any risks.

Use drones to take out tanks, and helicopters

You can use C4 and C5 drones to take out tanks and helicopters and clear the path for your teammates.

Simply sneak the drone from high ground to make it impossible for tanks to aim at it. Tank turrets are generally slow, and operators won’t be able to aim and fire at your drone to counter your actions.

You can use drones to take out snipers as well. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to land them in the middle of a group of enemy players and take all of them out.

How to take out drones

The most important thing is to shoot down enemy drones before it’s too late. Don’t let them get too close to you. Don’t do what most players do, don’t ignore them. Shoot them down as soon as you detect their presence.

One bullet is enough to take out drones. A drone with C4 or C5 on it will explode in one  shot if you hit the explosive directly. But the problem is they are fast and agile which makes them difficult to hit.

Do you often use drones in Battlefield 2042? Got any additional tips and tricks on how to better use or counter them? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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