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The Sims 4: Can werewolves have babies?


Werewolves can woohoo and have babies in The Sims 4. The whole getting-pregnant process happens in the same way as for normal Sims. Werewolves get flirty, they fall in  love, decide to woohoo and try for baby. A few days later, a werewolf baby is born.

Werewolf babies do a cute soft howl when crying.

Being born from werewolf parents is one of the four ways in which you can become a werewolf.

Werewolf pregnancy in Sims 4

Sims can woohoo and try for baby while in werewolf form. They can also be pregnant in werewolf form.

Pregnant werewolves have a weird belly shape. That stems from werewolves having a more masculine body frame.

Pregnant werewolves can’t give birth in their wolf form. You need to change them back to their human form before they go into labor.


How does werewolf genetics work in Sims 4?

If two werewolves woohoo and try for baby, their baby will also be a werewolf. If one of the parents is a werewolf and other one is a normal Sim, the baby has a 50% chance of being a werewolf.

Genetics-wise, there are two types of werewolves in The Sims 4:

  • Greater-Blood werewolves that get born with a long list of werewolf abilities
  • Dormant werewolves that don’t get any active werewolf skills even if both parents are werewolves

To awaken the werewolf abilities of a dormant werewolf, have them swim in Lake Lunvik on a full moon night.

Werewolf traits will become visible in their toddler stage. Toddlers that possess werewolf genes can howl and chew on their toys.

Once they become teenagers, they’ll get access to all of their werewolf abilities.

⇒ Fun fact: Toddlers can hug Fury-controlled werewolves and calm them down.

Sims can get pregnant with Greg

Female Sims can woohoo Greg and get pregnant with his babies. In other words, they become gregnant.

The most difficult part is becoming friends with Greg and getting him into a flirty mood. He’s a morose werewolf and building a relationship with him can take an awful lot of time.

And now you know.

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