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Can you own a spa in Sims 4 Spa Day?


The revamped version of The Sims 4 Spa Day expansion is out, and many players are wondering if they can own a spa now. If this question has been bugging you as well lately, but you could not find a clear answer to it, keep on reading this guide to learn more.

Can you own a spa in Sims 4?

You cannot own a spa in The Sims 4. Spas are like gyms, you can only visit these establishments but not own them. Unfortunately, your Sim cannot become a spa tycoon and own spas in all of the neighborhoods.

Can you work at the spa in Sims 4?

Sims cannot normally work at the spa, they can only go there to relax. However, you can create a Sim with high Wellness skill (Yoga or Fitness), and mark them as non-played. Then you can delete the current Yoga and Fitness instructor townies and force the game to select your Sim for those roles.

Keep in mind that this method may not always work. The game may instead choose to replace the townies you just deleted with new Yoga and Fitness instructors.

Alternatively, you can work on mastering the Yoga or Fitness skill and then set up a Yoga or Fitness club of your own. As a quick reminder, if your Sim has the Self-Care Specialist aspiration, they can offer wellness services in exchange for money.

How to build your own spa in Sims 4

If you’re feeling creative, you can build your own spa. You can then share it to The Gallery and let Simmers use the establishment you just created.

Step 1: Select the Spa lot

  • Then go to Build Mode, and select Objects by FunctionShow allSpa Day.
  • You can now see all the items the game uses to build the spa establishment.

Step 2: Get a massage table and chair

Step 3: Set up the Yoga area

  • Select the area where you want to teach Yoga classes.
  • Then place a few yoga mats and meditation pillows.
  • Meditation helps your Sims increase the Wellness skill faster. A Sim that has high enough skills can levitate and teleport.

Step 4: Build the sauna

  • There are two ready-made sauna rooms that you can select (Artificial Fever Room and StoneZone Sauna).

Step 5: Add locker rooms

  • Place locker rooms near the Yoga studio, gym room and baths.
  • Ensure Sims don’t have to walk too far to clean themselves off.
  • Don’t forget to place gender signs on doors and lockers.

Step 6: Add decorations and lightning

  • You can decorate spa walls and floors.
  • Make sure to use wood, bamboo and lots of plants to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Ensure all the spa rooms are properly lit. Use dim light for meditating rooms and bright light for the Yoga studio.

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