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Sims 4 Spa Day adds new wellness trait and aspirations


The Sims 4 Spa Day expansion brought three new wellness aspirations to the table. Additionally, there’s also a new trait available called High Maintenance. Let’s explore what’s new.

New Wellness aspirations in Sims 4 Spa Day

Sims 4 Spa Day added a new Wellness aspiration category that includes three new aspirations: Self-Care Specialist, Zen Guru, and Inner Peace.

Spa membership as a bonus trait

All the Sims that have wellness aspirations also have a free Spa membership. All the Spa fees are waived thanks to this membership. Nobody is sure where the membership came from, who pays for it or how to cancel it.

But why torment yourself with such questions? Let your Sims enjoy their Spa time, no questions asked.

Self-Care Specialist


Sims that have the Self-Care Specialist aspiration, want to make it big in the wellness industry. They want to monetize wellness activities and make money offering manicure and pedicure services, or tending the massage table at a Spa. They can also teach yoga classes for money.

Basically, all they care about is money. They don’t care as much about other Sims’ wellbeing. They just want to make money providing wellness services.

Zen Guru

These Sims want to bring wellness to the world, and help other Sims calm down and find inner peace. They can also train other Sims in wellness as well. They’re also looking for a successor to pass on their knowledge. They’re genuinely interested in other Sims’ wellbeing.

Sims with the Zen Guru aspiration can earn a lot of money teaching yoga and meditation classes. Sims with this aspiration can earn 330 Simoleons per class member.

Inner Peace

Sims that have the Inner Peace aspiration are looking for ways to achieve inner peace and harmony and remain in that state for as long as possible. They focus on developing tools to help mitigate negative emotions. Meditation classes are particularly helpful for Sims that have this aspiration.

Sometimes, Sims will challenge themselves to see how long they can remain calm and content without feeling any negative emotions.

High Maintenance trait


Sims that have the High Maintenance trait require a lot of extra work to keep in good condition. They need wellness in their lives to function properly. Many of their problems may appear out of the blue and seem trivial, but they’re of utmost importance to them. The solution to solve all these problems and struggles is mindfulness.

High Maintenance Sims need to attend yoga and meditation classes on a regular basis. If they fail to do that, they’ll have a bad day. Yoga and meditation can help High Maintenance Sims find long-lasting inner peace.

Other quick fixes include getting their nails done, or getting a massage after work. Overall, these Sims require more work than regular Sims, but the payoff is that they can reach a state of catharsis when you treat them right.

What to you think about the new wellness trait and aspirations in Sims 4 Spa Day? Let me know in the comments below.

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