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FIFA Squad Battles: How to get more points really fast


Squad Battles are an excellent way to earn Battle Points, move up the leaderboards, and earn many interesting rewards. To learn more about how the system works, go to EA’s support page. However, you’ll soon notice that EA doesn’t give you too many details on how to get more Battle Points. Well, that’s why I decided to compile this guide.

Best strategies to win more FIFA Squad Battle Points

Play on higher difficulties

The higher the difficulty, the more points you’ll earn. Beat the AI on higher difficulties, and you’ll also unlock some pretty rare rewards as well.

For example, the Legendary difficulty level seems to be the sweet spot for many FIFA players. Win on Legendary, and you’ll earn more than 2,500 Points per match.

Play Featured Squad matches

Featured Squad matches are special matches selected by a footballer or celebrity. While these matches may seem a bit intimidating at first, you can earn more points at lower difficulty than on regular squads. Don’t be afraid to try your luck and skills.

Play aggressively

Don’t be afraid to spring past AI defenders. They often seem a bit sleepy, even on high difficulty settings. Use explosive sprints to sprint past them, nudge the ball ahead of you, catch it up, and go towards the goalkeeper.

Don’t be afraid to play aggressively and add more strikers on the field.

Fake shots

AI-controller players often fall for fake shots. Fake your shots to create the space you need to attack. By the way, there are three different types of fake shots that you can use to throw opponents off.

Exploit gaps and use the field wings

AI players often forget to cover large portions of the field. Be quick to spot these gaps and have your strikers exploit this advantage. Use the wings to advance into your opponents’ side of the field.

Got other tips and trick you’d like to share with the FIFA community? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.


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