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Elden Ring: Why won’t anyone look me in the eye?


If you go south-east of the Gatefront Ruins, you’ll hear a mysterious voice asking for help and saying “Why won’t anyone look me in the eye?” Let’s see how you can find out who’s calling you for help.

Who’s the voice that asks “Why won’t anyone look me in the eye”?

The NPC that keeps asking “Why won’t anyone look me in the eye?” is Boc the Seamster. He’s located south-east of the Gatefront Ruins and is disguised as a small tree. To make him shed his disguise and turn into a man, you need to gently hit all trees nearby or roll into them.

Don’t hit the trees with your weapon. If you’re overpowered, you can easily kill Boc.

Boc was transformed into a tree but unfortunately he’s not aware of his current state. To break the spell, you need to hit the tree he’s trapped in. That one tree is visually a bit different. Simply look at all the small trees around you and roll into the one that’s different than the rest.

You’ll encounter Boc at multiple locations in Elden Ring. First, you’ll meet him in Limgrave. He’ll then move to the Coastal Cave region. Your fifth and sixth encounters with him will take place at Altus Plateau where you have the choice to give him a Larval Tear or not.


The invisible man asking for help in Elden Ring is Boc the Seamster. He was transformed into a small tree. To break the spell and set him free, roll into the tree that Boc is trapped in. He’ll be very grateful for your help.

Did you have trouble locating the tree that Boc was trapped in? Let me know in the comments below.

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