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Elden Ring: What happens to Blaidd?


Blaidd has the saddest ending in Elden Ring. After faithfully serving Ranni for so many years, he goes insane. Let’s explore Blaidd’s past to better understand what triggered his insanity.

What happens to Blaidd in Elden Ring?

Blaidd was created by the Two Fingers to guard Ranni. However, Ranni decides to go against the Two Fingers which makes Blaidd go against his nature. He eventually snaps, loses his mind and goes berserk. That’s why he become hostile and tries to kill you after completing Ranni’s questline.

What happens if I kill Blaidd?

If you kill Blaidd early in the game before completing Ranni’s questline, he doesn’t drop anything. He simply tells you that you can’t kill a shadow and disappears. You need to go to the Church of Vows, and use Celestial Dew to atone for your sins and de-aggro Blaidd. You’re locked out of Ranni’s questline until you absolve your sins.

Then, at the end of Ranni’s questline, Blaidd shows up again. This time, you have no choice but to kill him. He becomes aggressive and starts attacking you. After killing Blaidd, you’ll get his greatsword and armor set, except the helmet.

The relationship between Ranni and Blaidd

Lore-wise, Blaidd was created to serve Ranni. But she betrayed her service to The Greater Will and Erdtree by choosing to go against the Two Fingers. As a result, Blaidd’s purpose became conflicted.

Some players suggested the Two Fingers put a failsafe in Blaidd forcing him to kill Ranni should she go against them. It seems that Blaidd is struggling to not obey the task entrusted to him and kill Ranni. He’s fighting with himself over two conflicting commands. The refusal to attack and kill Ranni triggers his madness. His mind simply shatters under such extreme pressure.


Blaidd was created to serve and protect Ranni. At the same time, he acts as a failsafe and is instructed to kill Ranni should she go against the Two Fingers. When Ranni does exactly that, Blaidd goes insane under these two conflicting commands. That’s why he becomes aggressive and you need to kill him at the end of Ranni’s questline.

In a way, he remains faithful to protecting Ranni until the very end.

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