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Elden Ring: Should I invade Old Knight Istvan?


If you just found a red summon sign on the ground inviting you to invade Old Knight Istvan, you should definitely accept the challenge.

Should I invade Old Knight Istvan in Elden Ring?

You should definitely invade Old Knight Istvan. The fight is relatively easy. He’s particularly vulnerable to frost. To quickly defeat Istvan, use Hoarfrost Stomp or the Icerind Hatchet. If you’re using a Magic build, use Ice spells to take him out fast.

If you’re following the Volcano Manor quest, Old Knight Istvan is one of your assassination targets. Defeating Istvan will rewards you with the following items: Rune Arc, Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Scaled Helm, Scaled Armor, Scaled Gauntlets, Scaled Greaves and 1828 Runes.

Tips to defeat Old Knight Istvan fast

To defeat Old Knight Istvan fast, adopt a defensive approach. When he plunges, he’ll remain still for one second. Use this window of opportunity to attack him once and then quickly rollback. Be patient, wait for his next strike, attack him attack again and then retreat. Rinse and repeat.

  • Heal only when you are less than 25% HP. Don’t heal after each hit. The fight is pretty straightforward but will take a while.
  • Try to evade Istvan, he can quickly chip away at your health.
  • Be opportunistic, attack him when you catch him off guard, and then retreat.
  • Use quick weapons. If you’re using heavy weapons, you won’t be able to roll back fast enough after attacking him.
  • Watch out for those long-jump heavy attacks of his. They’re almost impossible to parry.
  • Make sure you don’t get caught in his AoE gravitational attacks.


If you’re doing the Volcano Manor questline, then you should definitely invade Old Knight Istvan. To quickly defeat him, adopt a defensive approach. Attack him right after he delivers an attack, and then retreat. He’s particularly vulnerable to ice and frost-based attacks. Use this strategy to chip away at his health and defeat him.

Did you enjoy invading Old Knight Istvan? Or did you find the fight a bit dull and repetitive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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